Rebuilding the "old standby"

Here I'm rebuilding my 4" crucible. Ive changed the design slightly. -- Jan./15/2002

Cutting the old rings off

First I need to remove the old rings.

Cutting the lugs

Im using my $13.00 flea market hand-held grinder to cut "lugs" from a 1/2" diameter rod.

Welding on the lifting lugs

At this point Im welding the lifting lugs onto the crucible.

Lifting lug attached

Here we have the lifting lugs attached.

Tilting ring attached

Here is the ring all welded on. I tilt the crucible by lifting this ring with a hook.

finished crucible

Here is the new and improved crucible. Now I can lift it straight up and out with a lifter that has two hooks on it to grab the lugs.

Updated; Jan./24/2002
finished crucible

Here are the new lifting hooks.

finished crucible

And here's the new and improved crucible with lifting hook in action.

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