as seen on TV A furnace built from one of these furnace kits was shown melting metal on the television show MAKE episode #105; "Kinetic wave sculptures" in the show's "Maker channel segment." Yes these furnaces work!

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Due to the popularity of these kits and numbers of orders being received it may take up to 4 Weeks for the orders to ship! Batches of kits are shipping every week as fast as they can be built. Sorry for the such delays, but thank you to all who have ordered and all interested in the HobbyMelter™ kits.

Click these links to view the HobbyMelter™ user's manual/instructions and the construction checklist in PDF format.

Build your own furnace from a kit!

The HobbyMelter™ furnace kit

No welding, metal cutting nor drilling, no fancy tools needed!

Thinking of building a furnace? Build it the easy way with a do-it-yourself kit! No exotic tools or welding is required! The kit includes a sheetmetal furnace shell, welded steel fame, aluminum alloy wheels, the necessary bracketry and hardware components (bolts, pins, etc.), complete instructions and even checklists to ensure success!

With the kit you can cast metal for your lathe projects, model engines (design your own or build vintage models from old patents!), crafts, etc!

The HobbyMelter™ can melt all of the following metals; Brass, bronze, aluminum, lead, copper, silver, tin, potmetal, pewter, even gold!!

Click these links to view the HobbyMelter™ user's manual/instructions and the construction checklist in PDF format.

Question: How much metal can I melt with this?
Answer: Using aluminum as an example you can melt 10 pounds or more in a typical crucible (melting pot) made from 4" or 5" diameter welded steel pipe. Instructions for making crucibles is included as well as sources to buy them.
The build it yourself furnace kit.
A furnace in use.
This is the furnace building kit. You finish assembly and install the refractory. Instructions are included. This furnace was built from the kit. Pushing a lever raises and supports the lid safely and easily.
Question: Do I need this kit to build a furnace?
Answer: Of course not, but if you're planning to build a furnace then you're helping yourself by building one with the conveniences that this kit offers. And you'll save time and get to casting sooner with this kit.

Furnace features

Complete instructions are included for you to assemble the parts (most of it is already assembled), install the refractory and paint the furnace. A purchased refractory can be used or you can make your own from the formula provided in the instructions. A name brand purchased refractory is recommended for quality (I don't sell the refractory but I provide sources in the instructions). The finished furnace easily melts aluminum, brass, bronze and other common metals (not iron or steel).

Click these links to view the HobbyMelter™ user's manual/instructions and the construction checklist in PDF format.

Installing the refractory.
Pouring metal.
Photo of refractory being installed... You install the refractory lining (the heat resistant material) and do light assembly work with hand tools. Refractory is not included. A burner mount is welded to each frame to securely hold the propane burner in place.
Question:Do you recommend homemade or purchased refractory?
Answer: The homemade version is not as good as the manufactured stuff so I recommend that you buy the refractory. The furnace requires 1,598 cubic inches of refractory to complete it. The brand that I've have good experience with is called Kast-o-lite 26LI. It is rated to 2,600 degrees F. and is good for melting aluminum, brass and/or bronze. Two 55 pound bags are needed to fill the furnace and you'll have a little left over. If you intend to melt brass/bronze regularly then go with a refractory rated to 3,000 degrees F. This refractory is more dense so three bags are needed to fill the furnace (you'll a little left over). You can find a local distribution location at the manufacturer's website. Refractory can cost an additional $100 - $200 dollars depending on the source.
Pouring aluminum.
Flywheel casting.
Pouring molten aluminum from a homemade steel crucible (melting pot). Crucible making instructions are included. A model stirling engine flywheel freshly cast from aluminum. This was an easy homemade mold.
Question: What are some suitable scrap metal sources?
Answer: Available aluminum includes; lawn chair tubing, alloy car wheels, pistons and other aluminum parts, rain gutters, house siding, old ladders, disposable pie pans and foil etc.. Brass and bronze include, old plumbing fittings, pipe and tubing, spent bullet shell casings, etc. Basically any scrap metal will do.

No fancy tools are needed. A jigsaw is convenient for making the inner form used to install the refractory (instructions are included), but other than that only common hand tools are needed (pliers, small wrenches, etc.). After completing the kit you'll have a furnace designed specially for fun backyard metalcasting!

Don't throw away that scrap metal!! Once in the metalcasting "mindset" you'll notice loads of scrap metal ripe for recyling!

Great for precious metals also! (Comment from a buyer)

"Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that your design worked great. I was able to pour my first 100 oz scrap silver bar flawlessly. Now I can process more, faster. The furnace is key as before I was only able to pour 15 to 20 oz bars for my little electro silver cell. Now I can pop them in 100 oz at a time, wont waste as much time hand pouring them and babysitting them with a torch, and I can do clean out less often as it will take longer to digest in the electrolytic process. My efficency will go up. And this will save me time. THANK YOU!
I like how the handle works as a stand for the lid cover. I see a lot of thought and design time has gone into your kit. I was seriously considering getting a furnace twice the size but it would have cost me 8x as much. I am very happy I could put it together myself.
This will also help me a lot with waste disposal. I have quite a bit of copper that has added up in flake I can melt it as before it was just not worth the time.
Again thanks for the work you have put in. I am looking forward to doing some other projects with it too.
Thanks and Have a Great Day," -- David, in Colorado, USA

"Hello! I never emailed you about how the furnace worked out. It was excellent! The kit is great. Very easy to follow the instructions to assemble. I did get the Kast-O-Lite 26 and PetroBond casting sand. My brother and I used the furnace for a local art's organization event. We ended up making casts of peoples hands and they loved it. I am so glad I found the website.
Thanks!" -- O.C., in Florida, USA

To finish the kit you must;
  • Do light assembly work (tighten some bolts, slide handle onto mount, etc.)
  • Install refractory in the furnace (purchase refractory separately or make your own).
  • Obtain a propane barbecue grill type fuel tank, hose and regulator to fire the furnace.
  • Paint it.

For more detailed information on obtaining or making refractory and a source for the propane regulator check out the following information page;

Aluminum melting
The propane burner
The burner's flame heats the furnace interior which melts the metal in the crucible (melting pot). The burner is included. The flared tip in the photo is only for show and not needed for furnace use, therefore not included.
Question: What are the dimensions of the HobbyMelter™ furnace?
Answer: When the furnace kit is completed according to the instructions in the instruction manual the furnace will be 16-1/2" tall (not including the cart assembly) and 13" diameter. The dimensions of the inner chamber are 8" in diameter and 11" tall.

Also included with the kit!
  • Propane burner (you must provide the propane tank, hose and regulator).
  • An instructional manual entitled; "How-to cast metal in sand" explaining how to mix the mold making sand, making molding boxes (flasks), pattern making, the mold making process, scrap metal identification and melting, pouring the metal, dealing with casting flaws and more.

Click these links to view the HobbyMelter™ user's manual/instructions and the construction checklist in PDF format.

Put your scrap metal to use making some castings. It's easy to learn and a tremendously valuable skill. Build a furnace and save time with a build-it-yourself kit!

Furnace building kit; $199.99 total
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Click these links to view the HobbyMelter™ user's manual/instructions and the construction checklist in PDF format.

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