Homemade oil/waste oil burners

Harnessing the power of hot grease

So you wanna build an oil burner for melting metal? Heating water? Warming your workshop or garage? Okay, there might be something here for you. Below is some of my work in the waste oil field.

P.S. If you'd like to share oil burner plans or ideas of your own feel free to e-mail me with details. Caution! Copyrighted material taken from books, magazines etc. will not be accepted for placement on this website without written permission from the copyright owner! -- Dec./29/2002

Green energy guy #1: So I see you're heating your water with used motor oil, how's that working out for you?
Green energy guy #2: It's great but I only accept it from American cars to reduce my dependancy on foreign oil!

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Now THIS is a hot oil burner And this is even hotter!
This is one hot mamma!
My G5 burner (generation 5) during a test in 2005.
The New G6-IS1 burner A.K.A. Lio's Hammer Pouring iron
A newer burner melting metal in the furnace
Oil burns hot enough to melt iron!

Waste oil burners

Regular oil burners


How hot is your fuel?
Heating Oil138-140,000/gallon
Diesel Fuel128-130,000/gallon
Kerosine131,890/gallon1.05 gallons equals the heat content of one gallon of oil.
Propane91,000/gallonAbout 1.5 gallons equals 1 gallon of oil.
Natural gas1,330/cubic foot135 cubic feet equal 1 gallon of oil
Wooddepends on speciesIn general one full cord of wood has the heat value of 95 gallons of oil.
Anthracite coal12,000/poundAbout 12 pounds equals 1 gallon of oil.
Electricity3,413/kilowatt hour (kwh)40.6 kwh equals 1 gallon of oil.
Statistics are averages taken from various online petroleum company websites


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