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Armor Mill inspection part 2

A continuation of the initial inspection before the cleanup work (or more likely before sitting in storage) begins. -- Jan./01/2008

Spindle speed sticker

This is a problem. I can't sandblast this thing without losing these painted on labels. This one is on the side of the column facing the table and details the spindle speeds.

Why the company painted or silk screened these on instead of using a metal tag like the lubrication guide is a mystery. A very foolish decision in my opinion. It was probably to save time and/or money. They weren't thinking long term here.

Here is another label painted on. This one says "Timkin bearing equipped." That refers the the bearings supporting the spindle. There are two of these labels on the column.

The countershaft

This is the countershaft. It's basically like what's used on a typical benchtop lathe. The sizes on the cone pulley in inches are 6.5 - 5 - 4 - 3.

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Countershaft's spindle pulley

Here's a look at the countershaft's cone pulley that drives the arbor pulley. Notice that the smallest groove has been doubled. As mentioned on the previous page this is so a double belt can be used for high torque, heavy cutting operations.

The piece with the hole in it accepts the threaded end of the tensioning bar which adjust the countershaft's belt tension.

The countershaft again

The out board pulley and the motor pulley are doubled for a high and low speed range. The largest pulley is 10".

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Parts in position

Here is the machine with the countershaft attached. Notice the tensioning bar extending from the column to the countershaft. There's no belt installed yet though.

The motor's badge

Here is the information badge on the motor. It works well but needs a new cord since the current one is in very bad condition.

The mill in storage

Here is the status of the machine currently. It's in the basement relaxing awaiting the time when I get around to cleaning it up, selling it or whatever I end up doing with it.

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