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The main emphasis of this website is metalcasting. But I often involve myself in projects that don't involve melting and casting metal. So here is a depository of some of those projects. - Dec./31/2005

New! Wooden hydraulic press To save some money I decided to try building a hydraulic press from lumber. I rarely need one so I considered it a worthwhile experiment. Best of all, it works!

New! Improvised oxy-Mapp torch I was in need of an oxy-fuel torch quickly so I soldered together an adapter to use disposable Mapp gas or propane tanks with an oxy-acetylene cutting torch.

Homemade portable deep fryer What's a burger without fries? It's just a burger... So I decided to build a portable, duel chamber, propane fueled deep fryer so I can have hot french fries at the next barbecue!

Updated! Armor milling machine Here is an interesting benchtop milling machine made in California. It's very heavy duty for a small machine. After some basic prep work I got it running and milling metal! Go to part; 1, 2, 3, 4

Indestructible funnel I had an old gas welding oxygen tank lying around so I decided to recycle it. The top section was perfect for welding together a super heavy duty funnel. Yes, the humble yet valued funnel.

Vintage mini-lathe I managed to secure the purchase of this benchtop metal lathe from an online auction. The price was far less than and the quality may be far more than the currently popular imported mini-lathes. Go to part; 1

A car wheel forge I wanted a blacksmithing forge and decided that a car wheel would work quite well for it.

Mini metal cutting bandsaw I decided to buy one of those imported mini metalcutting bandsaws because I was doing entirely too much cutting with a hacksaw. Find out what I think of it and any improvement(s) I made to it. Go to part; 1, 2, 3

Cincinnati milling machine I got this heavy duty milling machine on Ebay and went to work milling castings for a Gingery designed machine. Find out what happens. Go to part; 1, 2, 3

Home built lifting hoist Sometimes a guy like me needs to lift very heavy objects and muscle power just won't do it. I don't like to burden others by asking for their help so I built this overhead "crane" of sorts.

Milclark bandsaw I bought this vintage metal cutting bandsaw on Ebay. Take a look at some of the photos and see if it does me any good or if it's just an old piece of crap. Go to part; 1, 2

The scrap yard! Let's take a field trip to the scrap yard to get rid of some junk machines and other scrap metal!

Revitalizing a F.E. Reed lathe The Gingery lathe is pretty darn small and unless you only plan to machine miniature items it just won't do. So I've been wrangling up parts for a larger lathe. Go to part; 1, 2, 3

Copar Panzer tractor I came across this vintage tractor amongst some thick weeds, I'd like to restore it eventually.

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