More of Colin's iron melting, used motor oil burning furnace
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Our fellow metalcaster Colin is at it again over in jolly old England. This time he's PERFECTED his waste oil burning iron melter (it can melt other metals also of course)! If you want to see his previous experiments click here.

Colin has his own website at The artful Bodger's foundry work on a budget.

Colin's book is available!
Colin has published a book detailing the construction and use of his waste oil burning, iron melting furnace! It's been available since 2006 directly from him here. I have a copy which has contributed to my own iron melting success! The only reason the book is not being sold on this website as planned is because shipping a bundle of books to the USA from England is really expensive.
This furnace easily melts iron in a crucible using waste motor oil as fuel. Experimentation has shown that the iron should only be melted in a crucible. Direct melting (like a cupola) is no longer considered a viable method.

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The furnace was running for around 4 1/2 hours at a temperature hot enough to melt the lining. More than enough to melt cast iron in a pot and the only cost was the electricity for the fan.
The A8 crucible (28lbs. brass- around 23lbs. iron) iron melt went fine using engine oil, and I feel a larger crucible wouldn’t be a problem.

The furnace has a "sweet spot" from just above the tuyere for 7 inches or so. I use a food can packed with refractory for a plinth (the can doesn't last long) which puts a crucible right in the sweet spot. It took around 20 minutes to melt an A4 crucible of iron including 2 top ups to fill the pot right up (the furnace was already hot).

Some cast iron crucibles I have started making. These use flower pots for the pattern and a couple of pieces of doweling placed in the sand to give lugs if wanted. The tongue at the bottom is to grip to pour.

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