David's Freon tank foundry
Photos and captions Copyright © by David Somers

Here is another example of how easy it can be to get into metalcasting. David has built this small furnace from scraps he scrounged up. It's a simple efficient design and does the job. And probably best of all, he obtained all the information needed to build it off the internet!!

Here are photos of a small metal furnace built from a freon container using only information from the internet. All the materials were obtained locally.
The square tube frame is from an old fence gate, cut into the lengths needed. The refractory is made from Rutlands Furnace Cement mixed with Perlite.
Absolutly no dimensions were taken on anything. What fun would it be to make it exaclty like somebody else built.
The burner is made from plans straight from your website. So far when I heat the melt it has not burned the paint off the outside.

One of the articles on the net indicated that when the lid of the furnace was set on the holder the burner hose got much too hot and melted. So I turn my fuel feed tube down at 45 degrees and away from the lid, this seems to work fine.

For a "crucible" I picked up a stainless steel milkshake cup from a nationally known warehouse store. Little ingot molds are stainless steel garnish cups from a "dollar" store.
This little guy will melt about four pounds of aluminium in a half hour.

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