Larry Acklin's Home Foundry
Photos and captions Copyright © by Larry Acklin

This right here is what backyard metalcasting is about. Put your foundry together inexpensively then get busy! And look at this, our fellow metalcaster began with the flowerpot crucible furnace then when he outgrew it he converted it to propane! That's what it's about... experimentation and fun! Thanks for the pics Larry.

Overall view of the furnace. Note the date on the lid- the date I started this furnace madness ;-)

The Reil 3/4" burner is inserted in the old air blast hole at an angle. The former flowerpot is now entombed in refractory material.

The burner seems to work well with a flare attached- I left it on. The walls glow orange with the burner cranking.

Adding metal- triple track aluminum seems to be a great alloy to remelt. Note the welding gloves.

A view down into the furnace with the heat on- near the beginning of the heat.

Starting the pour.

Note I have since changed the crucible design to Lionel's- with lifting lugs on the top rim, and a pour spout. Hooks are too hard to balance a full crucible.

The finished pour- a triple track frame takes on a new life!

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