Stephen Parker's Home Foundry
Photos and captions Copyright © by Stephen Parker

Thanks go out to Stephen for these great photos. This has to be the neatest and most carefully built looking furnace I've ever seen. He even painted the top of the refractory in the lid! And that hinge assembly for the lid looks well engineered. Let's see what Stephen says about the photos...

"The furnace is made with a popcorn can, which I discovered on my own, later to find others had discovered as well. You can get empty five gallon cans from industrial paint suppliers though. The lid is hinged, don't need to set it down anywhere. The lining is about 2 inch thick Firecast F80, a commercial lining. It uses a Reil type burner."
"Here is a picture with the lid open."
"Here is my propane tank and regulator."
"Here are some tools: tongs, skimmer, a pouring hook, and some muffin tins I am making ingots in."

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