Tim Williams' Home Foundry
Photos and captions Copyright © by Tim Williams
Photos by David Williams

Doctor... what's the prognosis? It looks to be another serious case of backyardfoundryitis in its advanced stages...

This time it's Tim Williams melting metal with anything he can get his hands on! Heck, when he canít get to the furnace heíll use his kitchen stove! And look at those pics, smoke everywhere, molten aluminum running all over the molds! Now thatís a backyard casting session if Iíve ever seen one! Thanks for sharing the pics Tim.

I had just turned down the blower, and am now blasting it up - looks better in real life." "A top-down view of the furnace burning down as the pennies melt."
"Pourin' the ingots - notice the silvery trail flowing to the right on the vise... Oh BTW after everything cooled, I got a nice thick plate of cast aluminum from that... :-/ No, no concrete spalled." "(On our dining room table) ingots from my first furnace burning (older picture)."
"Self-expanatory file name."
"(Again on the stove) this has nothing to do with the furnace; I just wanted to include it to show y'all my zinc casting. Can't see the flame very well, eh?"
"The furnace glows as it burns down, running out of fuel as it tries to melt (copper, no, red brass?) pennies." "A good shot of the furnace."
"The uncut, fresh-from-the-mold casting; aluminum. Notice the large part - I overflowed.. :)" "The casting; I just picked it up off the drag, and it is still in the cope."
"(In our basement) A picture of my "crucible" made of a steel can. :)" "I think I was looking down at the furnace, lookin' to poke the melt.

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