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Before you enter the forum please note that it's for metalcasting questions, comments, tips, experiences etc. Please do not post about welding or any other metalworking process unless it's somehow related to your metalcasting topic (example; welding a homemade crucible). If there is enough demand for forums of other topics and I recieve enough e-mails requesting it, I'll add another forum.

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Become famous (amongst the internet's metalworkers)!

If you work metal and have pictures of your foundry, successful castings, homemade machines/tools or other related items, why not show them off on The Lab?! I'll put up a page specifically about your work that everyone who visits The Lab can see.

Since the pictures are yours you maintain full copyright on them (I don't claim any ownership) so you can have them taken down at any time just by giving the word. Its more fun for everyone when we can see how other people participate in this great hobby! So...if you have pics you'd like to submit for your own page e-mail them to me at;

If you don't have a scanner or digital camera, just e-mail me (same address as above) saying that you have pics to share and I'll give you the address to send 'em to.


If you have any other questions e-mail me.

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